​Just when I was about giving up!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜€

  Recently I was supposed to make an application online for an opportunity that came right in time. Amazingly, I tried almost all week to submit this application and when it got to the point where I told myself I wasn’t going to attend to it again, I got that “let’s try once more”, and then I picked my laptop and started the whole application again that afternoon & before then I was reminded of someone I promised to inform when I get to hear any update on such opportunities and I sent a message to notify her and she called later and we discussed….. Okay, so while I was working on it, I remember complaining to my sister of how the application is getting me fed up and am just trying just once and nothing else and while the whole process went by and I clicked on “Submit”, it didn’t take seconds – It was submitted!!!..

  I was literarily leaping and hopping for Joy I must say and it seemed unbelievable. That what I tried severally, even had to send mails to complain and ask for directions and on my second mail, I didn’t get any response and while I was at the verge of giving it all up, God showed up for me. Wow! something I tried for days, now in few hours of reapplying & in seconds on submitting, it was done!!. Wow!

  Yeah, it happened for me and it encouraged me to not quit trying and am sharing to encourage you too. Just because you ain’t getting the results you so much desire right now, doesn’t mean God isn’t involved or too far apart from hearing you and even showing up for you. Sometimes, He is teaching you patience with such experiences and when “it is time”, trust me He always shows up!!.. So don’t be a quitter, you might be alone on such crossroads and all but you ain’t alone (cos God is with you). He always shows up when the time is right! – Always!.

  All you need do is listen, follow in His steps and yield 100%, no matter how lonely such paths might be, you ain’t alone in it; He is always there with you and for you cos He has gone ahead to make that path straightened out in your favour. But you have to trust Him, you have to calm down and let God take you on His cruise – trust me, it’s the best experience ever..

#Choose to Listen to Him today and always!!!.. I am learning that and I hope we do too.


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