​**Tales from my diary πŸ’žβœŠπŸ™‡πŸ‘©**


 And so I sat right there in the bus, close to the windows I looked out, I felt like tearing but I held back – I was discouraged and wondered why it would rain so much today of all days, in my mind I wished i read the invite message wrongly and probably the time was later than I had in mind but no matter how much times i read the text, it was still same – ** May, 10:00am. And right there all I could mutter was – “God lemme make it there right in time”, I was looking all calm but deep within me, I was disturbed cos I really don’t know if it would be possible to meet up with the time and the test was computer based. The conductor and driver didn’t help matters as they delayed, still I kept on praying, even though I was running out of patience within me.  

  And right there my mum called and asked where i was which I did. She told me “Don’t be discouraged…. “. Yeah, I was discouraged with the whole thing cos I had mapped out how I was to get there early and trust me – no rainfall was included.. Lol. But here right in the reality of the day, the opposite was happening. Then I thought of it again and my eyes teared but told myself, – Am not letting out the tears and kept on praying within me for a miracle and there I heard in me – “You would get there right in time”, to me it sounded impossible but I had gotten tired of the whole thing I told myself, I am going by His word and right along the way, there was traffic and you know the Devil being himself – brought up πŸ‘‰ “see there is traffic I wonder how you would get there”. But I kept on holding to God’s word – “You would get there right in time” and to cut the whole story short, the traffic was no more and we moved on smoothly as if the cars went on vacation.. Lol. 

  And yeah, I got there 10:00am, so right in time!. All I could mutter was thank you God, I was happy I made it. I did the name entry and entered the hall & my day was about to turn wonderful again: cos as I entered the reception room for all the test candidates, I met with a lady & enquired if it was for the test I came for, which she directed me to sit on a row & I did. We were called out & went to another room, still in same vicinity; we were addressed, and we were given the tasks and all.. Yeah, to cut the whole story short I was successful and we were invited to come for the training the week’s Friday and I was about sending a text to my siblings and mum but I got interrupted cos it was my turn to input my name in their e-system and I was prompted to ask – “How come I am hearing this ****** **** and not ****. The guy I met with asked me if I made enquiries before joining the set of people I was with at that time, which I replied – Yes!. And he took me to the other group (back to the room I was before we were called out but with another set) and I had to start the whole test journey again and after hours I went in for the test and it was great…..
  Yeah!, the day was adventurous & taught me a lot I can’t possibly have learnt from my earlier planned day -lolπŸ˜‚ – thinking I did have a perfect plan to how the test day would be but turned out with more surprises than I imagined. At the end, I am much more grateful the rain fell (it really taught me Trusting in God even at the bleak of things), it taught me leaning on His shoulders when am at a hang down. It taught me, life doesn’t have to go as humanly planned, instead the God plans are always the best and perfect no matter the hurdles attached to it. The road doesn’t have to be smooth at first but (trust me) it always turns out the best – it’s the bed of roses I must say, cos roses do have thorns but still end up being beautiful, wanted & admired.

  Cos the road isn’t what you planned it would be or the vision of yourself you have had on a personal note doesn’t mean you won’t end up well & at the right destination. Cos a God kind of individual (Believers) can never be left alone or left to fall off path cos with His eyes, He directs us.

 Thus, look up to Him today, at weak moments of your life, no matter how striving it seems, keep up in God and know your destination is of the best assuredly!.

#With Jesus in the boat I can smile at the storm, smile at the storm. With Jesus in the boat I can smile at the storm, when am sailing home.. (my niece, nephew and the other children in the church sang it). And yes, we can smile at the storms of our lives cos God gat us.

  Yes!, He is there with us till the end of all ages (Matthew 28:20). Hallelujah. So wipe those tears, you ain’t and can never be alone in this. If only you would let it all to Him. Even your unspoken and muttered words are loud and clear to His hearings – Psalms 139:2-7 (so love this verses πŸ‘ˆ) and Ephesians 3:20.

  God loves you and seeks the best always for you and me (ignore the storms and see Him). 😘😍😍😍


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