​** God in us makes the difference Β πŸ’žπŸŒΌπŸ’ƒ **

… Life brings out our totally to the wonders of God’s abilities manifested in our capabilities – For by strength should no man prevail!! 

…  It is a great thing to know the Lord & it’s another greater thing to “Do” (Living the God kind of life) as much as you know!.. And then the rewards comes – doing exploits!!

# I choose to see God daily in me! 

… Life aborted is one who died not fulfilling purpose but a man still alive, has grace for his hope to be restored. So God is not giving up on you, I hope you don’t give up on yourself!! 

# The joy of the God is your strength

… For we stand in the multitudes but we stand different in the midst of them all! 

# Lives clamouring for change

# We are light (reformers we are!!)


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