β€‹πŸŒΈπŸŒΌ The word of God in us! 🌼🌸


  The word of God stays in us when it has been inscribed on the tablets of our hearts by the understanding & knowledge we have gotten from it. It stays in us when we have not limited it to just letters or articulated words we just read & afterwards forget.

  The word of God has to find it’s place (it’s stay) in our Hearts so we can walk on in life’s journey boldly cos it’s the word we hold on to; that has come to be in our being (the digested word in us) that we can seek out when we are at crossroads of our lives. Many of us have limited God’s words to just “crammed sentences”or “the book left under one’s pillows” or “the book left by the bed side”. There is more to the Word of God when the understanding comes to play in our hearts.

  It has to take its place in our hearts cos only then can we get to all crossroads in life’s journey and still be able to confidently speak those words. That is because you have come to the understanding that it is now your being & not just some articulated words put to book or said.

  It’s the word of God that you hold on to that sustains you, that keeps you cos out of His words were we made in the first place. So why would we then limit His words into us to just letters and leaving out the “Life” that lies in it.

#Sit with His word today & let it become your grease to ”Do” and life.

#Its the Word of God you know that you can teach or tell others and they as well get the understanding therein.


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