*** MARRIAGE DEALS 😍😍😘 ***


    To those who think marriage is like their dating period, all the daily McDonalds, Tantalizers, Ice ‘N’ Cones, etc (whatever place you visit now.. Grin), all the good night Romance of “I love you, I can’t sleep without you…. ” lol.. All the surprises and all the Fantasies that come with dating, even some tell me they barely argue.. Hmm, am watching you in 10D.

Please wake up, there is more to be done. Am not saying all you have experienced wouldn’t be part or would be zeroed (anyway can’t say cos it could be.. Hmmm) but what am saying is: fantasies don’t build marriage, reality comes in (in fact, it’s a citadel of many lessons), where you are faced with life deal, I mean serious decisions, compromises, considerations, letting go of your own held on “this is how it must be”. 

   Trust me, Marriage is great, good, and going to be a life changing experience too (positively to those who get it right and vice versa; which I hope not the negative side for us πŸ™πŸ™‡).      

—— Which is why you have to get it right o!!!.. Hmm! ——

  So before you think of walking down that aisle “sit down, ask God am I ready, cos you never know, maybe there are still some nuts that need be tightened up or loosened to make your marriage work, to be the best (now am sounding like an Engineer or Mechanic…Lol) but you just never know when you are ready until when convinced to go ahead cos as much as we have our lives to live, we have God as the custodian and source of life that knows all (even the very extreme end known to no one); He knows it all. 
   So to those who think it’s a fantasy land, please wake up and ask God to start making you fit all round, cos both parties got to be fit.. Marriage is a balance of 2 fit people: Fit in the sense of they have been made, tested and approved to launch into the deep waters (cos it’s a greater ministry and commitment). 

    I trust and pray that we would read this and let our eyes be opened to the much we need do to be better people even as the time of our greater commitment comes nearer and that we would be fit as God intends for us. Amen! 

  He loves you and I do and I want to see great marriages happening for me and you (you know, the goodly kind of marriage in God). But to have that, your work starts now o (Now!!! πŸ‘‚ πŸ‘‚) 🚢 😘


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