😘😍 Nothing just happens!!! 😍😘

*** Nothing just happens!!. Yes, the stage you are in right now, the painful experience you are going through now and all, isn’t just happening by coincidence. Yes!, it’s because God has a reason for it. And He is there with you; remembering He never sleeps nor slumber. It’s not just a coincidence but it’s for a purpose. God is training you, grooming you and equipping you for your appraisal and approval to all who would see and hear of you. 

*** If anyone wants to walk away from you, let them walk!!. Your destiny ain’t tied to those who left you. 1 John 2:19

While you would meet some individuals and you just know that they ought be with you and your path are tied together cos these ones would never leave!!!.

*** Some people can spend their money with you, that doesn’t matter so much as those who spend their lives with you cos that’s all they have – they have given you their all!!!. These set of people understand their purpose linked association and they won’t joke around with it. They take it serious!!. 

*** Nothing just happens to you!!. Cos your steps are ordered by the Lord, knowing “the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord!”.

*** God is pointing you to your direction and He is leading you and you need to walk in it, fearlessly, relentlessly and with courage. 

# Nothing just happens!!!! – T. D Jakes


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