We often times quote this verse – “My Grace is made sufficient in your weaknesses” and you know I realised (cos I’m also guilty of this) that we often, in fact many times we forget that if their ain’t no weaknesses, His Grace has no effect in our lives. If we don’t have our overwhelming seasons we wouldn’t approach His throne of Grace that we obtain the mercy needed for us (to strengthen us) at such seasons of our lives – Heb 4:16. We are glorified in Him by the weaknesses that has come to be in us but we conquered and come forth to be stronger through those weaknesses. Hallelujah!! 

  The disciples were with Jesus and the storm came forth but you know what, though they had the word in flesh (Jesus) with them, they were still afraid and called out to Him and then Christ spoke the word and peace came to be in and for them at that moment. 

  His word is ever available to lead us through and yeah He never ceases or takes a break from watching over us and leading us all through; come what may. But we have to believe we have our strength in Him for us at every junction of our lives. We are never alone cos He is with us through every second of our being and life here on Earth. We’ve  got Him. Yes!, we have Him in it all for us.

  Lastly I want to probe you a little…😁 : Who do you call out to in the midst of the storm – do you seek for your strength or that of His???.

  You know it’s amazing that you and I cry out to God and we tell Him – “Lord, take this away from me, I wish I can be better, I wish i didn’t have to deal with this situation, I hope I can be a better me and all”. But He (God) replies – “am not going to take it off” and He also replies with a NO! but all I know and have given is that My Grace is sufficient for you!!.. Tada!!.. 

  Lol, you know you can imagine that, you telling Him, this would drive me crazy if it’s not taken off or I feel am going to go insane dealing so long with this situation or individual or I have cried my eyes out, I just wish this cup passes over me. But then He still says – NO!, my Grace is sufficient for you… Hmm.

  I can picture a raw gold while it’s still being refined, asking His refiner – Do I really need to go through all these stages of burning, being pounded and beaten?. And right there the refiner replies: “It’s needful you pass through this cos I want to make a master piece out of you cos I have ordained you to be my master piece!!”. 

  So also, we as God’s children are being made, tested, proved to be shown forth to the world as blameless, upright and approved citizens of the Heavenly kingdom. 

#Be glad and rejoice cos your stage of being proved and tested is going to be transited into the phase of being shown and approved for the world to behold a mastery made perfect in God. Hallelujah! 

#Be calm, it’s all to your perfection!!! 😁💃💃 

#Just because He is silent about it doesn’t make Him absent in it!

#We are being made to be shown; we are being proved to be approved; we are made unto His glorification and majesty. 


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  1. Israel says:

    Wow! rightly divided
    #more insight#

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    1. Really glad you read through. 😀😊
      All thanks to God for meeting our daily needs through His word. 😀

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