Who is a woman?.. Hmm ๐Ÿ’ญ ๐Ÿ’ญ. We all have heard so many definitions as to who she is, what is expected of her and all. But really who is this entity called Woman?. Why would Adam have called her Woman and not something else. Is it because she is simply amazing or what really prompted that?. Okay, let’s check out some reasons why she is called a WOMAN. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

— A woman is a helper!! – She helps bring out the best in her man, encourages him and sees to him being who God has called him to be. 

— She is an incubator!! – Everything you give her tends to multiply: 
* Give her a word, she gives a sentence; give her a paragraph she gives a book.. Lol.
*Give her a sperm she gives a baby (a life capable of multiplying as well).
*Give her a house, she gives you a home.
*Give her love, she gives you a safe haven.
*Give her groceries, she gives you a meal.
****But if you give her trouble and frustration, she gives you hell!.. Lol (couldn’t help but laugh here).
*She is an entity capable of multiplying all she is being given, which is why she needs guard her heart and ears to that which she receives.

— She is a prophet!! – She sees things deeply and she is insightful.
Example: You (the man) comes home and declares – “Honey, we are going to be having our devotion henceforth by 7am”. And she is all excited about it, hmm.. first week was great, then the second and then the third – OMG, you fell asleep and she is waiting on you and you didn’t get up and then she comes up to wake you up to pray as it ought be. And she is trying to bring you back to the realm of the real world.. Lol (you know what I’m talking about). She says “Honey, it’s time for devotion” and you reply (the man): what devotions?. And she starts talking, reminding you of your spiritual head duties and asking you if God told you to skip devotions.. Lol!.
It seems she is being a nagger but really she is saying that which God is reminding you to do, which is taking the spiritual lead in your home. She is reminding you of your inconsistencies that you need work on cos she wants you to be better as God wants for you (obviously not in a harsh tone)..Grin.

— She is an encourager!! – No problem comes to her and stays unresolved. She is that soothing balm to the pains, hurts and troubles lives around her faces. 

— She is a receiver!!. Yeah!๐Ÿ˜˜ But though she desires so much gifts and all. She shouldn’t request for something her husband can’t afford to get at that time as seen in the Prov 31 woman.

#Don’t put pressure on your man!.
#Learn to appreciate what he gives you, all he gives you, even if it’s not meeting what you would have wanted at that time, still do!. He can always do more!.
#Encourage him, stop complaining!.
#Singleness (stage of being single) is important as well, cos marriage is as good as how you thrived when you were a single. 
#If you notice something that needs to be improved on, you improve!!. Soon, he as well improves cos you both constitutes the marriage.
#Ladies, build your home with your hands and protect with your mouth ๐Ÿ˜˜. Letting God lead you!.

N.B: Marriage remains honorable with the bed undefiled!!. 
#Keep these words to heart; see y’all at the top.

*** Key words culled out from a YouTube clip by Myles Munroe.. ***


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