— We need the wisdom of God to build up our homes as a safe haven God purposed it be. Cos it involves 2 individuals with different mindset, perspective, upbringing, principles, ideology and view to life. And since God’s intention for these two (2) is for them to come together in unity of purpose, they both need the wisdom of God to pull this through. Trust me, you can’t do this on your own terms or conditions even if you’ve read countless number of books on marriage and relationships, attended both local and international seminars etc. 
  The place of God is of certainty the only key to building it up to fulfill the purpose it was established for in the first place (Unity of purpose in God), remembering He has the plan cos He is the Author of marriage. God bless y’all. 
— Never allow disagreements drive you both apart, not even an inch or let’s say 1cm. ๐Ÿ˜€ Remember the devil just needs a tiny (little) loop hole to gain access and you can’t give him that chance at all!!!!..
# Be friends indeed and settle it in Love (as God helps you both).
— If you still seek to find protection in other gods then you haven’t gotten to know God indeed. With God you are safe, secure and whole – 100%. He is your safe haven!. Commit your all to Him, He will never let you down!.

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