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*** The tracks of a man can never be covered by himself cos no matter how he tries to, a new track is set. Which then, makes it impossible for him to, so think twice before taking that wrong step, decision or deal. It could cost you a whole lot more than you think. Be careful! 

#A word for the wise# 

#Doing the right and being blameless#
*** Most of us, believe God by letter (you know you applauding Rhema.. Lol) but do not believe Him (His works) in our lives (I.e translating the Rhema to your being – Your life).               Priscilla Shirer.
*** “Ministry is you pointing out Jesus” – John 1:35-41.         Priscilla Shirer

….to your life, family (immediate, extended), lives around you etc. and your ministry. Therefore show them who Christ really is: not what theologians call Him or says He is..Nay!.. I mean let them know who He is by His word given to us and His Spirit in us!. Show unto them Christ!!!.  
*** It’s better to have a congregation of 3 people who sees their life to be an example just like Christ than to have a congregation of 35000 people and Jesus isn’t known to be present therein.         Priscilla Shirer.
*** His word is His Word!. They are life into us and not just some pile of letters.  


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