Okay, while I was trying to check through my news feed before putting up my supposed (or would I say planned day’s post), I stumbled on this picture. And really it spoke a whole lot to me. I know we have moments when we have our fears and we are just so scared of what we need to do (how it would turn out to be), what we need to accept or decline (fear that we might end up not choosing rightly), what we need to say (you just don’t know if the words would come out in right piece or not). And some fears even much more than aforementioned. But really, whatever our fears are or were or would still be. One thing I want us to note (which is applicable to me as I still fight some fears within me as He has helped and still would keep on helping me) is we need to trust God much more than our fears.
Our fears paints our insufficiencies, it paints impossibilities and shortcomings but God shows us His sufficiency, His possibilities and His abilities much more.
I want us to trust so much that even when the turbulence of the oceans rise and the roaring of the seas seems so frightening that we won’t turn back from sailing our course or loose focus of God’s promises for our lives.

Hours back, while I was on my way out, different thoughts came up and really some almost brought out tears (maybe it did but had to control it) but while those thoughts came up, His word came and yeah I began confessing His words and decided to thank God instead of worrying so much.
The truth of it is we would continually come face to face with difficult situations, fearful and roaring situations but what we do at such moments is what determines if we would have a safe landing or a fall; if we would have a sail through or not.
Trust God so much that your fears can turn your heart away from Him and His can do abilities in it all.
Have an amazing day ahead. ☺☺


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