💞☺Remoulded and refined – Embracing Newness 🙌💞

  Recently, I have had series of encounter with people of diverse beliefs and schools of thought. I have had moments when I’m like – Really!, someone still has such mentality about his or her life. I know we have our different backgrounds – Family, educational, social etc. which forms a crux of what we become – our action, words and belief system. 

  And as much as our background makes us either positively minded or negatively minded; bold or shy; outspoken or introvert; Love at it’s peak or little or no show of affection; melancholic or sanguine; inconsiderate or empathic. It’s much more of our decisions: am I willing to let go of the negatives and embrace the positives, am I willing to see past my past and embrace the glorious future ahead?. I would say what ever your decision to the afore stated is, would determine your balance or belief as an individual. 

   What would you be known for?: a lady or man timid or one who is bold and courageous; one who is amazing and sweet and not all bitter; a positive minded individual or a negative minded one. I trust God will enable us to choose the right. It sometimes seem impossible to detach from some of our beliefs but it only “seems”, it is actually possible!. It is possible for you to think right, act right, have a great personality and forgive more. 

  It’s possible to find no room for any grudge or bitterness; it is possible for one to love so much more, beyond the hurts that we feel it’s more convenient to harbour. It’s possible to be compassionate and to love fearlessly. It’s possible to embrace love offered to one, regardless of you being loved at all while growing up by people you expected would have but didn’t. A major one is that – It’s not about them; it’s never about the people who have thrown stones at you, made you cry your eyes out that you lost the sense of crying. It doesn’t matter who disappointed you or rubbished your affection and love towards them. The great deal to being positive starts and ends with you!. It’s a constant and conscious decision you have to make, not to allow yourself to get lost in people’s debris or acts. 

   You hold the key to your heart, it’s whatever you allow that comes to be and that which you disallow never steps an inch. See your past as a catalyst, it could have been a rough one moulded with some patches it looks ugly but you are where you are now, not by power nor by your might but by His Spirit, through Christ. I celebrate you because I know you would model your life henceforth and not allow any man be your definition of Love and Joy except that which is found in God. 
Have an amazing week ahead. 💕💕

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