🌹🌸DIVINE POSITIONING – A Place of Servitude Unto Lives 🍀☀️

I was reading through some days back open heavens daily devotional, and had to go to the book of Esther to learn of a trend with regards to the life of Mordecai. I was drawn back (as this sprouted some curiosity in me) as I read this verse – 
After these things happened, King Xerxes honored Haman son of Hammedatha the Agagite. The king promoted Haman and gave him a place of honor more important than any of the other leaders.

Esther 3:1 ERV
Let’s briefly read this verse as well:
Then the report was checked out. It was learned that Mordecai’s report was true. The two guards who had planned to kill the king were hanged on a post. All these things were written down in a book of the king’s histories in front of the king.

Esther 2:23 ERV

It is amazing, that though Mordecai did something to be reckoned with in (2:23), it was only left in the records. And in (3:1), Haman was promoted. I was drawn back to check what led to Haman’s elevated position. But all I could mutter after reading through and found nothing about him (Haman) before then was – Really!. 

Yes! – Really!. Mordecai whose act did save the king, was only penned down in the records while someone from no where just had to be promoted. But while I pondered on this, it came to my mind as – “The acts of God”. Truly thank God it all happened that way, as Mordecai’s stand was tested reading further into the chapter. And the aftermath of his (Mordecai) refusal caused a terrible decree for all Jews in the province to be killed. Which caused Esther to rise to the need in her position as the queen. Good enough, she was a woman who understood this and took actions. 

Let’s read this briefly:
Then Esther sent this answer to Mordecai: “Mordecai, go and get all the Jews in Susa together, and fast for me. Don’t eat or drink for three days and nights. I and my women servants will fast too. After we fast, I will go to the king. I know it is against the law to go to the king if he didn’t call me, but I will do it anyway. If I die, I die.”

Esther 4:15‭-‬16 ERV

Esther not only knew she had to do something; as she understood she was placed there for a time as such – to be a mediator. But she as well involved God – 100%. This thrills me I must say, the reverse is the case most times when we are at a crossroad as such.

As the life of all the Jews in the province was involved, hers as well was at stake; if the king do not hold out his gold sceptre. But this situation didn’t cause her to forget her God, as much as there was a urgent need for her to mediate. To cut the long story short, her availing to the situation at the right time, with the right approach (involving God) led to the lives of other Jews in the province to be saved.

Truly, we all are placed in the position we are in as a blessing. We are placed right there to see a need that needs to be met. We are placed in there to occupy a position of authority, advocating for lives and prayerfully mediating for lives in your care. You are not there by mistake. The truth is you are there for lives around you and even far. You are not there to gallivant around and be boastful. No!, you are divinely placed to meet a need. No matter how small the position you are in now seems to be before you, the truth is you are divinely placed to meet a need as well therein.

So let’s all wake up to the call of responsibility placed in our care. Transcending into actions, as God will lead us all to act rightly.

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