β›…πŸŽ‘πŸŒ… In Awe of Him! – the wholesome nature of God. πŸŒΈπŸŒˆπŸŒƒ

God’s greatness remains epic and everlasting. Thinking about it leaves me in so much awe of Him. No one is like you Oh Lord!. 

The majesty of your Holiness is incomparable.

Thy Holiness flows through from the crown of your head to the sole of thy feet oh Lord. 

The majesty of your Holy name is what All bows to. 

The praises of thy greatness will never cease to be. 

It humbles me to know this great God cares so much about this small babe (child)

So much pleasure it is to my heart that I belong to you. 

The awe of thy greatness will never lessen. 

Thy mercies is ageless yet never decreases but abounds.

Thy name is everlasting that time and chance never reduces it’s efficacy.

Your love have you bestowed unto us as an aura that leaves us breathless.

You surround us with the utmost blessings no man can ever give.

Thy steadfastness to our needs can’t be explained in words. 

Your words are deep and extends to our core.

We are nothing without you, yet you choose to bear all our sins and gave us a new life – you paid the price instead.

You are amazing – as you do make all my concerns yours.

You are great that all things answers to all you say and do not – your presence speaks!. 

All things are at your beckon call cos all was made through you and for you. 

We will forever remain a blessed nation cos we have a blessed God.

Your existence is beyond myths – it is real!!. Realer than even the feel of the skin on our bodies.

You are simply amazing beyond any form of doubt. 

Each and everyday, all I desire is to glorify your Holy name. 
Greatest you are

Mightiest you are

All sovereign you are

Yahweh you are

Ogba gba ti n gba alani ara

Imole ninu oun gbogbo

Anu mi

Ayo mi

Idunu mi

Great are you forever

Thank you for being amazing
When the Bible said – your mercies are new everyday, indeed it is true. Your mercies is never stale or static. 
You are God all by yourself as nothing we do and do not do wouldn’t cause you to love us any less. 

Thank you for loving us even when we didn’t worth an iota of your love – yet you still delighted in us. 
I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Ese igbagbogbo (thanks for every season) 

Ese Ore ofe (thanks for your Grace) 

Ese fun oun ti e fifun wa (thanks for all you have given unto us) 

Ati eyi ti e gba lowo wa. (and that which you took away from us) 

Thank you oh lord. 

Thank you. 

If you just read through this post. Do take out some minutes to recall all He has done, is doing and would still do. 

Appreciate Him. 

Eulogize him – praise Him!!!

A grateful heart never knows an end – there’s this thirst for more that keeps him or her going. 


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  1. Opeyemi says:

    Thanks for sharing sweetheart.
    God bless you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are much welcome dear. Amen and you too. I do appreciate you reading through the blog post. 😍😍


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