๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ’– How Often Does he speak? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ’ญ

Different school of thoughts based on their experience of Him has made it seem – He speaks occasionally, some might say – on particular matters and not on trivial ones.. Smiles.. 

Let’s take a break on the school of thoughts… โ˜บ. I have over the years wondered if indeed He did speak, to how often does He speak, to how much more can I hear Him speak. Because as much as God is this amazingly, incomparable and indescribably great God, He is as well a great friend whom you can speak to freely holding nothing back from Him.

Many times, I have heard my moments and those moments might be – someone doing something I didn’t like or possibly hurting or disappointing and while I’m about being lost in my thoughts of how can the individual have done this or that, I’m left with words of calmness to alleviate whatever negative reaction could have been birthed out of it. Some people see me as an introverted person cos most often in moments like that (when something is being done that I will term – uncool), my auto reset mode comes to play which is to keep quiet cos of any possible argument that could be birthed out of it. Over time, He made me realise it’s one thing to want to be passive about it & another to do your best not to bear a grudge out of and in such moments (my quiet moment). Then I resolved to pouring out how indeed I felt or feel about any situation to Him. And In such times & beyond, He did speak and still does. As He makes me see the need above all to keep letting go of all possible steam, thus enabling me to let it go with so much ease than before. And the reality of me calling Him my best friend is that despite all odds (going to my auto mode ๐Ÿ™ˆ) & all – He is always there to listen and lend an helping hand through such moments. I might be acting stubborn to shut out His voice at some point but in my stubborn state – He wouldn’t give up on me & makes it His utmost concern to ensure I’m at a state of tranquility. 

God indeed speaks & I might not be able to tell you all the scenarios backing it up but beyond the things we term major even to that which seems trivial before us – He speaks. He isn’t just some great God with no compassion or caring heart, He is one whom we call our father!. Our daddy! ๐Ÿ’ž

Let me share an example – years before now I am always unsure or will say uncertain of the quantity of salt to put in any food I’m cooking cos of the fright of oversalting the food. I’m then left with the option of going below what I think fits into the exact quantity I should put into the food. And I do remember vividly the day He made me see He can be involved beyond our bigger matters as we tag them as: that He did caution me on the quantity I was to put (cutting down on the extra add ups) as I was anxious with regards to the end product cos I was preparing a meal for more and I was just there trying my best to be careful and not make it a salt delightful meal.. Lol. 

As funny as it seems to me now, then it was such a big deal. And right then I did allow myself to take the simple instruction and His guide and really when it was done – OMG, I was proud of myself.. Smile. But truth be told, He did help me in it and I learnt a great lesson from the experience of Him. 

God is a great God, a great designer, a great musician (can’t count the countless lyrics that comes to my head when I’m inspired to sing) – as it keeps coming. He is a great counsellor – you will be left in awe of all His counsels and admonitions. He is a great friend – you will be left in awe of how amazing friendship is and how sweet it can be. I will call Him my number 1 fan cos He believes in me much more than I do. He is a great lover – you will be left in doubt as to it being real or not cos everyday is another level of His great love for us – extremely beyond any iota of doubt. In fact it exceeds our expectations of Him.

He is almighty – you will be surprised as to how many battles He can and has fought on your behalf. He is a great horticulturist – dearie me! He is amazing in how he puts together the beauty of nature (Constantly I’m left in awe of this). He is a great Actor – Cos He enables one to do beyond the picture of one’s self; I remember a time I was to act in a dance drama, all through rehearsals I was just flopping. But to my amazement, on the day we were to stage it – He did great through me. It remains fresh in my memory. 

The truth is beyond all possible professions – He is a greater professional in it all. He enables us to do all – gain mastery in Him and through Him. Believe that He can teach you all things!. Lest I remind you – He is a great teacher. No course is left out that He can’t teach. There had been times I’m clueless about a course or subject and He sits me down and teaches me – giving me understanding of it and it being so real I am wondering what happened to me that I couldn’t get a better picture of it before as I do now. He is amazing and perfect in all. 

No wonder He is called the Omini-knoweth God. He knows it all. 

So beyond all that has been penned down, let’s see God as a friend who teaches us all. All our concerns are His and beyond our imaginations and all we think we know of Him – He is ready to surprise us with a communion deeper than that which we have already of Him.

All of our concerns, short comings and tough times are all His concerns. Draw near and lean more to and on Him. 

There is this song I have always loved (though remember only a few lines)๐Ÿ™ˆ:
Lean on me

When you are not strong

I’ll be your friend

I’ll help you carry on………


He is much more than you have known of Him. He is much more than you can ever know of Him and He is above all, ready to lead us all the way. Don’t exclude Him in all your decisions and growth. Because in all your great or trivial matters He is ready to listen and above all be of help. He won’t leave us clueless in all of our requests of and unto Him. Cos all that concerns us are of utmost concern to Him. 

Have an amazing week ahead. โ˜บโ™ฅ 


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