πŸ’— His Courage Above Our Β Fears πŸ’—

I don’t know why, but as soon as I did sight this picture here a while ago I felt led to share it with some thoughts in mind. 
Fear!.. As simple a word this is, it’s the greatest force of all. If one isn’t careful, you’ll keep on moving on an axis not making a move at all to launch through your deep. Fear is the problem we have today and as much as we are concerned as His children, we haven’t been given the spirit of fear but of His courage. I can’t count the number of time I’ve had to speak His words to my heart just because I felt I can’t do a certain thing. Which on the long run, I found out I’m able to, just because I permitted His courage in me.  
You don’t have to leave at the mercies of all the fearsome situations around you dear. You’ve got to take charge. Live courageously as He bids us to and above all, make it your decision that in spite of it all and whatever come your way – you will be courage. 
Tell yourself – I will be courageous and will live life in His courage in me. 
Don’t let the fear of the unknown that God has perfected on your behalf make you shy from the best He’s got planned on your behalf. Quit seeing the errors and the impossibilities and see God – our own possibilities. 
Okay, I rest my case here… May the heart this is intended to bless be blessed and find the time to read this. ☺ 
I’m blessed cos it is as well for me too.. 😊😍😘
God just loves us so much you know…. #100% loved πŸ’ƒ 
Happy Sunday folks… Christmas indeed in the air – I’m so excited about it you know.. 
πŸ’ž #HCCounsels#πŸ’ž

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