When we look at the way Salt is made. It’s primary source is from the sea (which is salty). But leaving how it is made, we all know it’s of immense benefit to us all as human and the most needful resource (product) anywhere. As it is made available to the rich and poor. It’s never out of Vogue or tagged- Useless. Because the truth is, to every daily human needs and wants with regards to our daily intake, salt is a major constituent used in making or preserving it.

Now let’s look at the Uniqueness of Salt as likened to a man in Christ. 
Let’s look at this verse 👇
“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its taste, it cannot be made salty again. Salt is useless if it loses its salty taste. It will be thrown out where people will just walk on it.

Mt. 5:13 ERV

The bible likens us to “salt”. And we know one of the uniqueness of Salt is that it ADDS TASTE to what ever it is being added to. So, as believers we are created to bring forth glory to our father in heaven. And if we are living life with no positive impact to the lives and generations in our care and around us, we are lacking or making a waste of that which God has given you. The resources needed for you to bless lives and make a difference always has been given to you. But if we don’t see that as something you can do and bring to be in you, it still do not change the truth that we are made to be men of impact (positive living).

The second attribute or uniqueness of Salt is that it DESTROYS the unwanted. I do remember while I was growing up, that whenever I see an earth worm and I put a pinch of salt on it, it automatically sniffs life out of it. Therefore, looking at our lives, we are meant to be as Fire because He made us His ministers, flames of fire!!. And no enemy or arrow shot at us is allowed to prevail. Because God has put His angels in charge of us and clothed us with His fire. The devil is meant to be scared of us and not the other way round. Life should be ours and not the devil sniffing life out of us. Instead let us be the ones who will paralyse the activities and gimmicks of the enemy and his cohort around us. We are meant to be Alive and active  beings in Him. Men who are untouchable and clothed with fire that burns the territory of the enemy down to it’s ruins. 

The third attribute is that it PRESERVES. We are meant to live life as preservers of destiny. Men who will add value and ensure those values grow in the lives in their care. I do believe that we know and hence can’t say our ministry to care and reach out should only be a one time basis. Many people do not believe in follow up and that shouldn’t be. When someone opens up his or mind to you, you shouldn’t quit at the instant of just giving the individual an advice. And leaving out the place of proper follow up or even seeing it through to it being resolved. 

We are preservers and preservers don’t quit on lives in their care. They don’t give up even when the individual does. They commit the lives in their care to God’s hands and they won’t quit on interceding even if that’s their only prayer point daily. They are never quitting, until such a life experiences a positive change/difference and even after that they still don’t, cos they don’t quit or give up easily (they are in it for a stay). Let’s be men like Christ who never gave up on us and constantly makes intercessions for us before God.

Fourthly, Salt is PURE (Doesn’t easily meet with a compromise as you can’t mix salt and sugar together & then sugar overpowers it… No!). Let our walk before God be pure and without hypocrisy. Not that I’m a good Christian in church but at home or even in our respective work place(s) that we then become the opposite of who a child of God is. 

Let our ways be pure and let men see what you & I stand for & whom we are in God!.

Dearly beloved, let’s not loose our uniqueness cos once that happens the latter part of the verse I earlier sighted states that such will be thrown away (Cast away).

Let’s not loose our uniqueness and calling because we are trying to run another man’s race, neglecting ours. Let’s rise to our calling and stand true to what God has commissioned us for – individually, and as well as collectively is much concerned too. 

If you are one who is reading this and still do not believe you can do this. You can my dear, because you can do all through Christ that strengthens you and I. I love you and trust me – He who has commissioned us will do it. Yes, He always does. I can’t count the number of things I have done which at first I thought I couldn’t achieve but I eventually did, because I chose to trust Him because it is Him at work in me and not me in Me.

Lean and trust Him to help you and mold you to do that which you have been trusting Him to make present in you. Cos He surely answers all of our prayers to Him. God bless our hearts. 
Do have a fulfilling day ahead in Him.

🌹 #HCCounsels#🌼

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  1. Sarah Ahusimhere says:

    Wow,so inspirational. Thnx so much my beloved sis,more grace amen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Sis. You are much welcome. All thanks to God. Amen!!😊😀


  2. Israel says:

    Hmm…DEEP!!! God bless your insight

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Isreal.. Amen!. I do appreciate your time reading through the post. God bless you too. 😊😊


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