The government as it seems in the present day, is more of a one man’s business or one man spearheading a sect or group. But truth be told as Christ is our example, It was stated in Isaiah 9:6 – ….”the government shall be upon His shoulders”…
And that’s the truth, the government isn’t one man spearheading it all. It is a joint effort towards achieving a set goal; a positive goal. So let’s quit with the mentality of I’m a leader, all should bow to me and my verdict is final. Even Christ who is superior in all authority gives us that fairness, as to Him hearing out what his disciples had to say, if it be something to follow suit – fine. If it be otherwise – He corrected them in Love.👌
Leadership isn’t all about one being the head over many i.e. no one can put down what I say, but rather a joint effort. So if you are one in a leadership role and all your direct reports aren’t comfortable having a chat with you – check it!. If you are one that the jokes dry out just because they sighted you from afar – watch it!.☝
We are not placed in that position, as to us oppressing the feelings and emotions of others put in our care. It isn’t to pamper any iota of ill acts either. But in it all, let the Holy Spirit guide you in all truth as to knowing which approach is best for every crossroad you face as a leader.
Leadership is a burden unto service.

Leadership is a sacrificial living.

Leadership is learnt! – even in all ills, we come out strong and better.

God bless your hearts folks.. 💞💖
Let our own tenures be unto blessings over the lives in our care and not otherwise.. Shalom!💝
*** Happy Valentine’s day. Don’t quit on Love – God, but above all, don’t quit on showing His Love to others – Acquaintance or not, close or not. Let the Love (His Love) be spread out.

 â™¥ #HCCounsels# ♥ 

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