I was headed out on a Saturday morning and my usual self of engaging in reading or studying as the case may be, to distract myself from the buzzing and honking. I was having a hard time accepting a thought that came to my mind and I was like “I think I don’t.. but then I was reminded that it’s not about what I think, it’s what He sees being possible and not what I’m viewing as possible. Then I said a short prayer – God it’s not what I think but what you will for me!. Smile, just after I said the prayer, I looked to my side and saw a bike man and a lad, of which the boy held on tightly to the man. Looking at it, the man is obviously his father and the boy hung on tightly and was as well relaxed. That was when this topic sprung up. Smile, it’s amazing how God speaks. Do I trust God enough?. Do you trust God enough?. Do you believe He will settle everything that concerns you even when what you see or think is little or nothing compared to what He is showing you?.

That word was for me but then I thought on it and decided to share it. Do you trust God enough. Do you believe He that has kept you, watched over you, will still keep at it?. Do you trust that even though you didn’t or don’t have an earthly father/mother (as the case may be) that would have looked out for or loved you as much as you would have wanted, that He has been one to you and will always look out for you. Do you trust Him so much above your fears??.

Think on that. ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ’ญ

The truth about life is we will have fears and anxieties about a lot of things, especially when it is a crucial decision for us or we get to or we are approaching a new phase. But you shouldn’t let the worries and anxieties rob you of your trust in God. He is and will still be always right on time and never fails!. Assuredly!.

Just as the young boy hung on tightly even though fright might have crept in (which I don’t know, just sighting), yet he still hung on. He still trusted in his dad that he will keep him safe no matter what.

A lot of us are having a hard time trusting those around us talk less of trusting in the Great God, because those we expected to be worthy of our trust broke it and in fact shattered it.

But my dear, though it seemed they did. Of which the reality is they did!, still you can trust again!. Just as we are admonished to rise again when we fall, because when we do then we are said to have overcome it. So also, will I admonish you to take a leap of faith and cling to God, trusting that His will is always the best for you cos He made you and wouldn’t want anything to mar the destiny He has bestowed unto you. Trust Him beyond your fears. Don’t allow fear to keep you caged and locked in. Live life trusting Him that though it seems you aren’t at the state expected that God isn’t slow but about to deliver the breakthrough of all time to you.


I will trust God enough!.

I will see beyond my past!.

I choose to see God and Him alone above my worries or fears!.

I have been made “more than conqueror” through Christ Jesus!.

I am sold out unto Him!.

I am unto God and no longer a slave to my fears!.

I will trust God enough regardless of it all!.

I sign off fear and worries and tune in to God’s depth of greatness constantly at work in my life.

Do have an amazing week ahead folks.. โœ’๐ŸŒผ


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  1. Israel says:

    ……thanks for the remembrance!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smile.. All thanks to God Israel.. โ˜บ


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