I promise to make this brief.. Smile.. I want to share a brief story of what happened to me. There was a particular package that was being shared to all customers but not necessarily to the staffs as at then. And as much as I really wanted that package at that time, I was finally able to get past the so much longing for it. And I became neutral with it (if I get it or not, I’m cool). Let’s motion down to months afterwards. I got posted to another place and wonderfully, my supervisor asked me if I had this particular package I had wanted earlier on (months back) but was constrained on it because of the whole scenario around it. And gladly, I said No, explaining why I didn’t and all. And few days later, I got the package.

Flipping through it and holding on to it, was like – so I will eventually get this!. And I couldn’t help but ponder on the whole thing and pen it down.

Yes deary, when you need not ask!. There are so many moments and times in our lives that we are so much in anticipation of something and it is like, why am I being deprived of this?. But something I learnt from this experience as shared is, when it’s time, it’s time. Just as when God is ready to bless you, Mehn, you are like, I only did this minor thing o. Oh my!, I only planted one seed and I have so many trees bearing so much fruits.
Oh my!, this is unfathomable and all. That’s the extent God can surprise you when you so much least expect it.

At times such as this, when you need not ask much before God acts exceedingly; superseding your imaginations and thoughts. Feeding you beyond your hunger and fueling your tank full. 💃

So when it’s like “I’m doing so much and I’m having no result”, maybe you need a redress, letting God take the lead instead of dabbling into so many things that yield nothing.

Thanks for feeding on this. 👆☺
Remember we all are in our process of growth. And we are going to get there!. 🤗😍

Do have a pleasant day ahead.

💞 #HCCounsels# 💞

#Grateful heart

#God hears, listens and knows all about it


#Trusting His expertise in our lives

#God in Charge

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    1. You are always welcome Israel. Thanks for reading through too. 🙂


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