Have you ever had moments where you felt God was so absent; in fact far from the bearing you were. Those days are horrid times and not too fantastic days I must say. πŸ˜”

Some days back, I had a very bad day. I was getting pissed off at any slight opportunity or opposition. I just wasn’t happy and to make it worse all I wanted to do was to be in my me-zone and not get interfered with. I gradually shut out everything. In fact calls came in and all that came to mind was – I don’t feel like talking. It wouldn’t have been fair on them if I did (I thought). As receiving the call and not get to converse well with them wouldn’t have been cool. πŸ˜™

I resolved into watching movies (comedy) but it just made matters worse as I would regress again after a while and end up crying again. I prayed and in fact I sang songs at a point but it wasn’t bringing any soothing to my heart, not to mention my mood. Loll. It wasn’t a great day at all. I was shut out. I prayed silently, that someone would send in a text or word for that time. But none came in, at least not as a text though.. Lol, as I was offline (I couldn’t imagine chatting at all). As the result would be the likes of – Yes, okay. I am fine (the generic gist.. Lol). This was the case for a long while before I eventually began to lighten up at heart at the late hours of the day.

I finally slipped into bed and said my short prayers, read a devotional on praise and got to my dream land. Lol.

But amazingly, few days after that day, I got to open my Whatsapp, and the images sent via the whatsapp group, the discussions on them as well as well as the generic messages sent from few of my contacts were centered on hope, not given up and were just needful messages for the day. And guess what😱, they were sent in on the exact day I had hoped for a message, though I was reading it days after. I couldn’t help but mutter – God you knew all about it and heard me. I couldn’t help but say – God you were indeed closer than I thought.

So to the reader of this write up. God might seem absent or far in that situation. You might even be having a bad day or in your bad times/season and it’s just not your favorite time at all. But remember, God is with you and above all. He is never far from you.

Beyond your muttering, God hears it all. Even the ache unexpressed is a big concern to Him. πŸ’•

Keep calm. He hasn’t given up on you just yet.
And assuredly, He won’t!. Your season of praise and gratitude is about to bloom. πŸ™Œ

Do have a brilliant week ahead. 😘


#A child’s heart to His father

#Always at our beckon call

#A heart that loves us indescribably

#Beyonds the Groaning

#Joy emanating from Him

#Comfort to our hurting hearts

#God always at work in us

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  1. Israel says:

    Wow!!! WORD!!
    God bless you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ˜„ All thanks to God Israel. πŸ™ŒπŸ€—


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