Smiles, so I was reading a book on a particular day. Its emphasis was on how we can’t just decide to walk away from sin, leaving the cross out of the picture. And after I read a part describing the blessing of the cross which literarily made me tear and emotional too. I couldn’t help…

🏡 10 Things That Make Me Happy 🌸

Thank you Tangie for nominating me for this award. You have been a blessing to the blogging community and I love reading your posts. God bless you ma’am. πŸ€—β€ CLICK HERE TO VISIT TANGIE WOOD’S BLOG CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL TAG POST Ten things that make me happy are below: I love taking evening walks….


What makes us stand out?. πŸ€” What spurs others to listen to us with rapt attention?. What will spur another to ask you for advice, knowing they will get graceful feedbacks that just settles the situation they are facing?. There are so many questions to ask yeah. But I will pause on that for now….

⭐ THE NOW ✨

As simple as these two words seem. We have over time lost touch with the reality of it. We have all been caught in the web of pursuing the “then” and leaving out the “now”. We are all aiming at something, we are constantly on the run. It’s a world full of chase and hustles….


MY THOUGHTS: Are you wondering where this is headed?. πŸ™‚ I recall a particular situation I found myself in. And I can’t help but think that most of the time, we paint a limiting picture of ourselves, which often time isn’t the truth about us. MY EXPERIENCE: Okay, let me share the latest experience of…

πŸ’ πŸ”² ** WHILE WAITING ** βΈπŸ”³

Often times we are so much in a hurry to get answers from God regarding certain decisions of our lives forgetting that in some instances He just wants you to wait on Him. This is not because He is being wicked or He does not see the urgency in it. Rather I have come to…

πŸ”³ 🌸 PEACE πŸ€πŸ’ 

I strongly believe we need this more than ever in our lives, families, nation and the world at large. We are in a time where the bubbles are really bursting and there is a true revelation of our contents. I read a blog post on some of the challenges in some homes at the moment….


REFLECTIONS ON COVID-19 Seeing how scientists and top world leaders have struggled with major global issues like terrorism and this current pandemic – COVID-19. It is beginning to dawn on me that we are getting to a place where the challenges we face (as a result of Satan’s actions – John 10:10) will put to…


Smiles, I just had to go with the title as it came to mind. Yes, found!. Looking at our history as men, from the time of creation to this present day. Something made a difference in our walk. And yes, it became the foundation of our Christianity today. Okay. Let’s picture a dude; a cute…