Few days to the close of 2016 (26-12-16), I, my sister & my niece went to a children’s park not quite far from the house to relax & celebrate. And while we were done with the train riding, pony ride and some other rides in the park, we were to choose our last ride for the ticket we got for my niece. And funny enough, while we were waiting and deliberating on who would go in with her, we decided I go instead with her to hold her through the boat ride. And then the Devil went crazy obviously cos as I stepped in we fell into the water. 

All this happened in a second or millisecond, even my head till now can’t seem to fathom how it happened. All I knew was I was somewhere, obviously not in the boat (Lol) & really don’t know what kept me calm in it & I was still holding on to my niece in the water with one hand and the other I was looking out for something to grip to maintain balance but couldn’t. I don’t know how the strength came to be, but I kept on reaching out, in my mind I kept calm (really I was calm, obviously not cos the water was cool.. Lol. I know it’s God) & I knew we can’t end up being hurt, not here, no we can’t drown. While I fought hard to maintain balance, still holding on to my niece with one hand cos the pool floor was slippery. We were able to maintain a balance after a while cos I got to hold on to someone’s leg who was trying to help us out. 

I held on tightly to his leg and eventually they were able to help us out. You know when we came out I was numb cos all I could remember was stepping into the boat and couldn’t bring myself to believe that we were in the water for some minutes and we were between life and death. People around the area, cos people came around when it all happened and they were all asking if we were okay. I kept on smiling and saying nothing. 

I remember coming out and seeing my sister on her kneels crying cos my niece and I were practically inside the water and with the slippery water floor made it difficult to come out on time. But yeah God saved us. It didn’t stop there, after we left the scene, my sister was strongly on us going home straightaway (cos I and my niece were both draining of water) and no more father Christmas visit for my niece but I declined. Eventually I sat with the customer attendants at the park after we reported about the slippery floor and what their negligence caused in regards to cleaning, of which they apologized and promised to work on it. My sister took my niece to see the father Christmas and came out in few minutes and we left the venue. 

I could remember checking my niece and smiling and still tying to get her to at least utter a word or even smile but she didn’t respond at all. Yeah my niece was 1+ then and guess she was still in shock. Eventually we got home, I went on to have my bath (you can imagine me washing my braids too cos the water wasn’t clean at all) and my niece was cleaned up as well, after which she started talking and responding as usual. 

I didn’t even call anyone at home cos I was still all numb (I was still trying to get a glimpse of all that happened) about the whole thing. I went on to rest and my sister called my mum and told her and others got to know of it. And my mum asked her to give me the phone to ask if I was good – no headache or injury at all (by the way my mom is a nurse.. Grin). I responded that I only  had headache and she told me to take Pcm but I didn’t (confession.. Lol), I just rested and woke up fine. 

The next day was Sunday and we went on to church and you can imagine I was still numb (but really to me I thought I was fine cos I felt not bothered by the whole thing). Yeah the service progressed and I was still all acting normal and good. It was time for Thanksgiving I guess and the person leading told us to worship God and appreciate Him. 

Oh!, lest I forget I was sneezing out water all through Saturday after I woke up and Sunday as well, during service. 

Okay, back to during the worship session. We all started praising God and I don’t know what came over me (my emotions came bursting out) and all I knew was I kept on crying and crying and there I recalled all that happened all through the time I stepped into the boat and falling in, all through to the time of our rescue. I was still reminiscing on times past He had saved me and kept me and I just kept on crying. 

Bridging again, after we were rescued out of the water, a woman kept on saying “I’m tough abi na strong” that she tried reaching out to get the baby from me but I held on to her and didn’t let her go, that that was brave of me. Lol, really all I knew while all this happened was I wasn’t ready to die o, and we can’t just die sef. God gave me the strength needed and why I held on tightly, I don’t know why. Really all thanks to Him!!.

Yeah, back to my moment at the church while I reminisced and was still crying. I realised that I had been under shock all through the time we got rescued till the time I was there crying. Cos I couldn’t control the tears, I was at the peak of it. I let it all out and eventually became calm. 

So days passed by after the incidence, I and my niece got in the year 2017 safely and all other members of my family. 

My God is awesome. And reason why I’m sharing this now after 7 months, it’s to magnify His name cos I was just led to share openly cos I didn’t tell it out as such. Though I did share the testimony in my home church when I got back, days after the incidence. πŸ˜€

Really, I want us all to know that our God is faithful – 100% faithful. Because not only as He promised us that He will be with us till the end of the ages, which was what He reminded me of when the incidence happened, He is also a God that keeps to His words – every word of His!!.

Yes, He has got you 100%, even when you are drowning and beyond reach, He is able to bring you back to safety. He is able to keep and protect us all!. 

I’m most grateful for His beautiful nature manifested in my life and all around. He is Awesome, He is able to move all things. He is able to do all and keep us all. Hallelujah!! 

Turn to Him today, be within His reach by accepting Christ and let Him keep you safe. He has signed a covenant of life eternal through Christ with us and He is able to keep us safe despite all odds. 

So this is my story amongst the many wonders He has done in my life from conception even till now. He is simply Amazing and Indescribable!.

Magnify His name. πŸ’ƒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ˜πŸŒΈ


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  1. Israel says:

    What a wonderful testimony…it can only be Yahweh….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot.. πŸ˜€. Yes o, thanks to Him for being an amazing father. πŸ˜€


  2. toyinda says:

    Thank God for your life

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes dear.. He is Amazing!
      Thanks for reading through.. 😊😘


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