Smiles, I really intended putting up a totally different post but something changed about the picture I had at heart and He prompted me to write on this instead. Ever had a situation you worried so much about, ached and feared so much you went from fright to despair and the vicious cycle kept coming….


As I lay in bed; getting set to sleep, I can’t help the depth of gratitude to God that I feel within me right now. A couple of nights ago was a terrible night for me. I had planned to go to bed early as I had been feeling a bit under the weather since…


Okay, this was an instruction to me, to share this with you at this time. 👉🙂 As I had a flashback to my University days. This beloved lady, had her struggles back then as she wasn’t such a big fan of reading. She did try her best, even at the expense of her spiritual activities….


Wondering what i intend sharing this time right?. Smiles. Yeah, there was this movie i watched on YouTube (The Christmas heart) on Hallmark channel and it was just the needed movie for me. I even kept it for some days against my usual delete mode after i am done watching any video. Okay, this movie…